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According to the UN and UNICEF statistics that bear grim witness to the plight of African children, by 2055 Africa's child population will reach 1 billion, of these, children aged 0-8 years, girls aged 10-18 are the most vulnerable. They are affected by many social, health, environmental, political and economic issues, which hamper a better future (tomorrow) for these children.

Sustainable Livelihood

Child Protection




What we do

Why We Exist!

We empower young people to reach their full potential through education, healthcare, child protection, sustainable livelihood, environmental conservation, and innovative intervention programs designed to enhance their total well-being.

What inspired the creation of African legacy of Young Generation (ALYG)


I have grown up hearing the saying “children are the leaders of tomorrow”. And I kept wondering how possible will that be if they are constantly being neglected? If the saying is true which kind of tomorrow will that be, when the people to make tomorrow better are not equipped and mentored.

Look at Africa, what do you see?

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the background of African Legacy of Young Generation (ALYG)


African legacy of young generation started in 2017 by senior six vacists who wanted to use their vacation time to make their communities better. The team was entirely made up of youth who came from different countries of Africa, studying in Uganda.

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Why We Love African Legacy of Young Generation (ALYG)

African Legacy of Young Generation (ALYG) vision for a better tomorrow for youth and children is the sole reason of our passion to be part of the solution.

Nanyonjo Doreen

"There is no cost to love and smiles towards the little children, youths and the elderly. I believe love can change the world and I believe in development amongst the youths across the world. We are a smart and determined generation.

Ashaba Emmanuel

"i believe in giving even if it’s a minute

i want to give the support i can manage

i feel blessed when i make someone smile"


Nabaasa Precious

"I choose to be part of ALYG because it's a community of young Africans that choose to stand for the young Generation and as a young African it's has always been my dream to create an esteemed generation for Africa"

Mirembe Immaculate

"I joined ALYG because of the passion of helping people in need especially Children and women and because I believe there's more in giving than receiving"

Mugume Anna

I decided to be part of ALYG: "Partly because of my childhood, no child deserves to luck the essential necessities of life and every child deserves unconditional love and care. When I was told what ALYG was about, my already internal desire to touch lives of children arouse.

More About Our Team


Involvement, passion and Team-work is essential to what we do. Be part of the solution!


We need your help

Children & Youth in deprived situations urgently need basic resources, protection, a sustainable livelihood, and care

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+256, Uganda - Africa

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+256 784 740090

+256 704 828694


official facebook page of African Legacy of Young Generation (ALYG)
official instagram page of African Legacy of Young Generation (ALYG)
official LinkedIn page of African Legacy of Young Generation (ALYG)
official twitter page of African Legacy of Young Generation (ALYG)

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